Exit Stage Left

I am conflicted as I write: terribly sorry for myself, and also delighted for my friend.

Tickled, and also despondent.

Sally is moving on.

Sally, who has been at the center of this congregation’s life for a decade will no longer be our church secretary. She has been offered her ‘dream job’- working in community theatre. The Life House Theatre of Redlands is expanding their mission and she will be the organizer and anchor for that enterprise. The director adores her, and understands her gifts: love of theater, mature faith in Christ, organizational skills, and willingness to work hard.

Sally, for her part, is simply tickled pink. She grins when she talks about it. She is absolutely gleeful, and I am gleeful for her!

But I am sad at the same time. Sally has been a friend to me since my first day, and I will miss her! She has helped me get to know the people of this congregation and their stories, has prompted me when I have been forgetful and offered perspective when I was uncertain. She has been a creative partner in planning unusual worship experiences, an advocate for thinking adventurously about our ministry. She has kept our pledges and contributions accurate. She accompanied her beloved John through his illness and dying with extraordinary love and grace. And she has carried a passionate concern for those among us who have struggled or felt lonely.

She likes to laugh out loud when things strike her as funny. She speaks out when things make her mad. She has a propensity for singing show tunes while she works. She makes the office a warm and enthusiastic and orderly place.

When you see her on Sundays, be sure to ask about her new adventure- I guarantee you will receive a grin. Jesus said he came so that we might have abundant life, and Sally gets that. She shows us by example that God has new adventures for us at every stage of life, if we are willing to follow.

Godspeed, Sally! We adore you.

See you Sunday~

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2 Responses to Exit Stage Left

  1. Wendy says:

    Yay for Sally, but I sure will miss seeing her when I come through the office!

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